Thursday, June 22, 2006

700 Falling Hams

Image from "Oral Fixations", © 2005 James Duesing

I know, I know. Where in the world did they all come from? Leave it to my friend Jim to use his ardor for food to inspire a subject for a 7 hour single channel video installation. To quote from his website:
The project is a darkly humorous look at a habit of endless consumption and the resulting accumulation of waste. A narrative gradually emerges from the on-screen action that depicts a large mouthed character who dances while flossing its one protruding tooth. A conveyor belt regularly delivers factory-farm fresh hams that the character delights in taking one large bite from and then tossing aside. Over the duration of the piece the hams begin to pile up in the room until at the end of seven hours the room is filled with the refuse of this gluttony. The viewer is encouraged to revisit the piece periodically throughout the day and see how the discarded hams build an oddly humorous environment of waste around the character.

Here, little piggy, piggy!


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