Monday, June 12, 2006

On the road to Hell's Kitchen

Oh, yes, my fellow couch potatoes, a whole year has passed and it is once again time for a new group of brave and/or foolhardy souls to toil in the kitchen of master chef Gordon Ramsay's ersatz Los Angeles restaurant. Ably assisted by his sous-chefs, Mary Ann and Scott, and the (almost late and lamented) maitre d' JP (Jean-Phillippe, to you!), the candidates will be put through their paces at grueling speed. Admit it - didn't you have a little soft spot in your heart for our punked out girl Jessica last season? And what of eventual winner Michael, all alone talking to Ramsay's huge billboard head at night as he swilled down a beer or three after a hot day at the pass (was he going psycho on us?). And not to forget our Southern baker boy, Dewberry, and his fits of the vapours. I really liked Dewberry. I really did. :-)

This year's Hell's Kitchen 12 seem to hail mainly from two states this year: Texas and New York. For better or worse, this year the teams are divided into men vs. women. (Wait. Didn't we already see what a joke that was already on The Apprentice?) Hmmm. Well, anyway, they are: Gabe, 27, a marketing executive from Chicago, IL; Garrett, 27, a former prisoner/chef from Cedar Park, TX; Giacomo, a pizza maker from Euless, TX; Keith, 28, a chef/bartender from South Hampton, NY; Larry, 38, a fishmonger from Arlington, TX; Tom, 43, a former stockbroker from Belleville, NJ; Heather, 25, a sous chef from Port Jefferson, NY; Maribel, 31, a cafeteria chef from Brooklyn, NY; Polly, 43, a caterer from Ben Franklin, TX; Rachel, 39, a personal chef from Dallas, TX; Sara, 31, a deli manager from Dallas, TX; Virginia, 25, a salad chef from New York, NY.

"Yes, chef! Yes, chef!" - the cry of the terrified minions as the Great One throws another hissy-fit...

Hell's Kitchen 2
Tonight only from 8-10 pm ET/PT; ensuing Mondays from 9-10pm. FOX Network.


Anonymous The Palate said...

I am quite sensitive to Chef Ramsay's attitude toward others and feel sure it would seep into anything he cooks. You would never catch me eating any of his pan roasted diver scallops with sweet potato puree and walnut vinaigrette, unless absolutely forced.

The Palate

3:05 PM  
Blogger Willa Frank said...


you mean "forced" as in the way those lovely ducks are fed for foie gras?

3:15 PM  
Anonymous The Palate said...

mmmmmmm foie gras!!!!

3:23 PM  

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