Sunday, June 18, 2006

Restaurant Crit - That's some serious business!

The [London] Independent featured a piece today titled The poison pen pin-ups about the most reviled restaurant reviewers in the U.K. Like a weird game of "gotcha", apparently some high profile kitchens are actually hanging "hit-lists" with pictures of the the most well-known critics. According to Jonathan Thompson and Stephen Khan, the writers of this piece:
...Wild West-style rogues' galleries of scurrilous scribes are being slapped up alongside the fish slices.

The drastic move has been prompted by the incredible power the critics now wield. And the trick is spreading north from the designer eateries of London to Edinburgh, where chefs are preparing for an influx of metropolitan critics ahead of the city's world-famous arts festival in August.

There is a growing realisation that just one devastating review can wreck a career....

And so, a gallery of pictures on the kitchen wall is a vital tool for modern chefs. They are determined that all their employees will be able to spot the most dangerous critics.

The barebones Most Unwanted List includes: 1. FAY MASCHLER of the Evening Standard; 2. JEREMY WAYNE of The Tatler; 3. CHARLES CAMPION of ES magazine; 4. TERRY DURACK of The Independent on Sunday; 5. JAY RAYNER of The Observer; 6. GILLIAN GLOVER of The Scotsman; and 7. GILES COREN of The Times. Check out the article for all the gory details!


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