Monday, July 31, 2006

Hell's Kitchen: And Then There Were Four!

TONIGHT ON FOX: 8pm ET/PT (last week's episode); 9pm ET/PT (new episode)

Omigod! Finally, it has come down to THIS! How very, very sad. After season one's exciting conclusion of Chef Michael vs. Chef Ralph, season two's remaining group consists of Chef Kevin (self-dubbed "K-Grease"), Chef Heather (the NY sous-chef who started out with such promise and seems to have lost most of her fire in the kitchen due to feuds outside of it), Chef Sara (the Texas "deli-manager" whose most obvious specialty is sabotaging her teammates and then bad-mouthing them for good measure in her little video "diary" vignettes), and Chef Virginia (the NJ salad "chef" with the big tatas, who ain't afraid of going all out, if you know what I mean, when the situation calls for it -- in fact, tonight's commercial shows Virginia and Chef Ramsay in a kitchen supply store where she's modelling an apron emblazoned with "Kiss the Cook"!)

Honestly, I had such great hopes for Heather, but she seems to be cracking under the pressure. Sara is so nasty and underhanded, I can't imagine anybody in their right mind ever wanting to work with her. Virginia hasn't really distinguished herself to me as being able to actually run a kitchen, let alone own a restaurant as high-profile as the one the winner will get this year. And K-Grease may just be the one to win this year after all, despite his kind of luggish exterior at the beginning of the show. The one thing that can't be counted out is that the final will include former teammates as staff and so loyalties will come into play in a major way! Can't wait for Sara to get the boot!!!


Blogger Lynn Barry said...

You got your wish. I am glad she got the boot. At least she gets to take home that ceramic cow for a keepsake. LOL

11:21 AM  

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