Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Champ...Again!

As those of you familiar with T. Coraghessan's short stories and novels can attest, he has an appetite for characters who love to eat and/or create food. And his story, The Champ, about competitive eating, might come to mind when hearing about the great young Japanese "competitive eating" champion Takeru Kobayashi and his latest feat. Kobayashi-san, who weighs a middleweight 160 pounds and hails from Nagoya, Japan, successfully managed to consume 58 brats in 10 minutes last Saturday at the Johnsonville World Brat Eating Championship in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Considered by some as one of the world's best eaters, Kobayashi earned $8,000 for his efforts. After winning, he told the crowd, "They're good. I want to take some home." Kobayashi also successfully defended his crown as king of the hot dog eaters in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship in New York in July. "Brats are a little bit harder to eat," he said. "With hot dogs, it's more volume. You're actually dipping the buns in water."

J. Scott Wilson of KCCI.com in Des Moines, Iowa offers this plea:
I'm calling for an investigation of Kobayashi, starting with an X-ray and possibly including an MRI. I'm betting that somewhere in the region of his solar plexus, the scans will reveal a contained singularity, a harnessed black hole, of the type most famously used by Romulan battle cruisers in "Star Trek." The dogs go in ... and materialize in another universe, where the inhabitants have no doubt by this time built an elaborate shrine to the Tubular Meat God.

Photos of Kobayashi in action.


Blogger Garrett said...

Wow, the man ate that many brats? Good, I'm glad someone is finding a way to destroy people's braty kids.
Get it? Brats and brats? Get it?

11:20 AM  

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