Monday, August 14, 2006

Down to the Wire in Hell's Kitchen

Hmm. Celebrity Spider reports that Chef Ramsay will appear as himself in an episode of Fox's long-running cartoon series, The Simpsons.
[He] will teach bumbling Homer Simpson how to cook in the episode, but producers have yet to confirm whether the foul-mouthed chef will keep his expletive-laden vocabulary on the family show.

Ramsay says, "I was really honored. I don't know how they're going to do it, but I hope they keep the swearing in."

Well. And now, on with the show! Were you as flabbergasted as I was by Virginia managing to replicate Chef's signature dish last week? Grapefruit juice? Oh, really!

Up until now, we have never been given a real chance to see why the cooks on the show this season were chosen to participate. At least last year, it made some sense. Ralph was a mid-career working chef; Michael, despite all his body art and piercings was a sous chef in L.A.; lesbian punkette headhunter Jessica and Hispanic mom Elsie had mastered the basics of cooking and were up to the challenge of learning more; and they were all passionate about their vocation. This season, it is an absolute mystery to me how most of these characters ever got chosen in the first place. Or maybe that's it. They were chosen more as "characters" than cooks. And for Virginia and Heather to be the finalists -- well, I was rooting for Heather from the beginning, but she seemed to crack under pressure a little too often and, for a heavily publicized "newlywed", Virginia seemed less qualified in her actual cooking experience than she was interested in impressing Chef with her flirting and sexual innuendos. And all of that crying -- oh, honey, just gag me with a spoon!

All I can conclude is that the editing this season has intentionally kept the audience totally in the dark as to the real goings-on in the kitchen. It seems quite impossible to believe that any of these candidates really deserve the reward of having such a high-end restaurant to run in Las Vegas. And anyone not in the food industry, but who's read Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential knows that an executive chef must have a lot more skills than any of these people have exhibited thus far.

Oh, well. At least my M & M's connection showed up this afternoon, so now I have my stash at the ready for Monday night's finale. Go, Heather!

Hell's Kitchen 2-Hour Finale
Tonight on Fox, 8-10pm ET/PT.


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