Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chad leads chicken dance

Good God. I don't know what comes over this town when Oktoberfest rolls around each year. This year Cincinnati Bengals' wide receiver Chad Johnson was named Grand Marshall of the fest--this ceremonial post largely meaning you have the honor of leading the world's largest chicken dance. (I kid you not.) Anyway, this year, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer:
...Johnson danced atop a small stage, keeping his bright blond mohawk under a pink ball cap. Clapping, twisting and flapping, an excited crowd followed along. When the music stopped, the crowd chanted, "Who Dey! Who Dey!"

"It’s a blessing for me to be here," Johnson said before leaving.

In honor of his efforts, Servatii’s Pastry and Deli gave Johnson a giant Bavarian creampuff shaped like his face. The pastry contained 50 pounds of cream.

Only in Cincinnati, children. Only in Cincinnati.


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