Friday, September 01, 2006

David meets Dagoba

Photo: Dagoba Chocolate Company

I have sooooo much catching up to do on my blog-reading now that I am finally home again. Not having to vye for a communal computer to use is so sweet!

Anyway, I was just checking in with the very chocolicious David Lebowitz and his fabulous Paris/chocolate blog and found this, David's lengthy interview with Frederick Schilling of Dagoba Organic Chocolate. As some of you might remember, I purchased one of Dagoba's lavender and blueberries dark chocolate bars for my birthday and had been saving it for just the right occasion. That time came during my recent term of hospital captivity and how I savored it! Apparently the San Francisco Chronicle came to a similar conclusion in their dark chocolate taste test: TASTER'S CHOICE: Panel deems Dagoba best dark chocolate

And it was cool to see that Frederick and I have the same feeling about this:
David: If someone's serving a chocolate dessert, what beverage do you think goes well with it?

Frederick: If it's got a cork in it, I like it.

I'm partial to a lovely glass of red wine myself!


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