Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mad Honey Disease on the Rise

You'd think it might be from those killer African bees...but no! According to this article in today's (U.K.) Independent, scientists are warning that this rare disease is on the uprise.

Symptoms can include convulsions, low blood pressure, fainting and temporary heart problems, according to a scientific report published this week in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.
"Mad honey disease has the potential to cause death if untreated," say the researchers. "Because of the increasing preference for natural products, intoxication induced by consumption of honey will increase in the future."

Just a spoonful of the wrong honey can cause problems, according to researchers.

Mad honey poisoning is most prevalent in honey from the Black Sea region of Turkey. Compounds called grayanotoxins, found in the nectar of rhododendrons, mountain laurels and azaleas, are thought to be responsible for the disease. Though harmless to bees, they are psychoactive and poisonous to humans. Affected honey is said to have a very bitter taste.


Blogger Lynn Barry said...

Good GOD!And to think I was just beginnging to get into using honey, BUT I will stick to the honey made from orange blossoms, which is my favorite. Thanks for the warning.

9:50 AM  

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