Monday, September 18, 2006

Mouth of the South opens resto in Big Apple

According to the story Captain Buffalo by Steve Fishman in New York magazine, former Cincinnatian and bison rancher Ted Turner is opening his 50th "Ted’s Montana Grill" at Rockefeller Center next week. Just hear him wax lyrical about his subject:
SF: What is the difference between the taste of a hamburger and the taste of a bison burger?

TT: Boy, that’s really hard. To me it tastes a lot better. Have you ever eaten bison?

SF: No, I’m looking forward to trying it.

TT: Well, you have to cook it differently than meat because it has almost no fat, and I don’t eat any fatty meats. It’s lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken or fish. And half as much as beef. It’s so much better for you, and it tastes better, ’cause once you start eating it, you just, beef just seems way too fatty for you.

SF: Do you have a favorite way to eat a bison burger?

TT: I like it with a slice of cheese.

Ted's Montana Grill
110 W. 51st St. at Sixth Ave.
Phone: (212) 245-5220


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