Friday, September 01, 2006

A New Day

I guess I'm awake now. It was almost 7am before I finally fell asleep. My brother and I were trying desperately to finish up everything we could before he had to leave to go back home to Maryland at 10 this morning. Anyway, I've successfully maneuvered my upstairs walker to and from the bathroom twice now since waking up around 9. Took my morning (!) meds, all 9 of them, around noon, so now that it's 4, here come the Anti-Vert (dizziness) and Neurontin (tingling) again. Another Vicodin at 6, then the rest of the smorgasbord at midnight [sigh]. Came downstairs to kitchen a few minutes ago, filled up my lovely new Polar insulated sports bottle (I love the way you can see the aluminum insulation all crinkled up inside under the frosted transparent plastic shell) with water and safely transported it to my desk in my walker basket and here I am!

As for the 'dogs, forget any twists there, my friend. I'm pretty much a mustard and sweet relish kind of gal and the only twist I may occasionally make ventures toward substituting ketchup for mustard and whole wheat buns for the "bad for you" white ones! And let us not forget an optional small side of cole slaw now and then.

And now another problm: two months in a hospital with minimal activity + maximum "cleaning my plate" + some new meds which "may cause weight gain" = gain of at least 20 pounds. Not easy to carry around on top of what was already too much weight for my arthritic joints, so I have much to lose -- a huge challenge on top of all the other ones.

On the other hand, I'm not planning to use my oven yet due to my left hand's lack of sensitivity to real temperature (hot feels merely warm, warm feels hot--go figure!) -- I need me some Ov Gloves! -- and a creaky, hard to fully open oven door. So it's microwave or stovetop cooking and fresh fruits, salads, veggies, and tuna for me right now.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Good to see you back posting Willa. I can totally relate to your weight gain as I have gained about the same, from being inactive during chemo and eating every hour to take the nausea away. I'm currently reading about low and high GI foods and think I'll go that way to help loose the weight. It hasn't helped that we have just taken a two week holiday where I ate far too much good food and drank far too much wine!

1:17 AM  

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