Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Palate checks in

I went to the lovely farmers market on my way home from work and bought some Silver Queen corn, plums, a nice piece of hickory smoked salmon and a sugar baby watermelon. I also picked up a piece of raspberry cherry pie. When I got home I made the best treat of the day, heirloom tomato sauce. Yes, I had a pile of heirlooms in my fridge and made two pots full. I put some of it on pasta and froze the rest. I think heirloom tomato sauce is the most decadent dish on earth. It consisted of greens, Mr Stripeys, ox heart, a striped saladette, purple and yellow tomatoes. It was quite a mélange. The flavor is so rich, I cook it down to about half the pot. So I made pasta using the sauce and a few of the ears of corn cornels cut off the cob sprinkled with Parmesan. You cannot believe the flavor. I am in anticipation of winter just to eat the rest. I also made a couple batches of pesto while it was cooking, so I have things covered.


Blogger drbiggles said...

Oo, no 'maters in fridge. Permanently ruin flavors at 50F and below. At around 55 is good. Maters funny things that way, not sure why. Got me some dry farmed early girls at home, yum!


12:40 PM  
Anonymous palate said...

I think the ‘don't refrigerate tomatoes’ rule is an old wives tale. I am growing an unusual green and red tomato (that is said to be purple) called a refrigerator tomato that actually sweetens when it is refrigerated. Many of the organic gardeners I’ve talked to also think the refrigerator rule is over stressed.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Lynn Barry said...

Didn't know that about chilling 'maters. Thanks.

Well put together blog entry. Made me hungry, almost drool.

3:11 PM  

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