Saturday, September 23, 2006

A question of rye, part 5

I am happy to report that the co-op (coop as I like to call it) had the rye flour we crave.

Did I mention I have been watching this 4-hour Warhol documentary. It is actually pretty interesting. The photo documentation is amazing, I can't believe how many photographs were taken in his early life. Of course it has the tragic pimple of using Laurie Anderson as the narrator. She sounds like a mecatronic character from Blade Runner. It is on until 4 AM tonight so I guess I have committed to staying up quite late.

Tomorrow I will make rye bread.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My comments about rye bread will be limited to: The darker the better and I am a strict traditionalist in that I only want it with Eastern European, mostly Jewish, food. I will by a loaf and make: 1) Reubens, Rachels, nova with cream cheese OR butter and radishes, and finally in a slight departure from "tradition!", smoked turkey with mustard/mayo, carcked pepper, and onion. No more talk! Is a sacrilege!

Now to Andy: Interesting to see Ric Burns take it on and add that depth to much of what we already know. The psychological profile of "cold", "detached", was so well fleshed out. As to the photographic history, my husband is always saying that there are/were cameras EVERYWHERE, all the time since their invention; I suppose that it's when we become an entity other than someone's mother, father, sister, brother, pet (?) that they get dredged up, displayed and have new meaning. Otherwise, they're plentiful and more common than dirt.

Did you know that there is a horrible, horrible funeral marketing practice now, which offers the mourners photos of the deceased in the coffin. Monstrous. Evil. A logical extension and intersection of 1) too many photos of all the same monotonouos birthday parties, etc., and 2) our cultural inability to face death. There is a part of me that feels that we should be awestruck by occasional photography and yes, it does steal a bit of your soul and offer it up to Narcissus.

Finally, I always thought Laurie Anderson was a one trick pony.


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