Friday, September 22, 2006

A question of rye

What a week I am having. I am so busy plus a grant proposal due next Friday. I am going to take tomorrow off just to work on it.

This is perhaps something you would know. I am going to a dinner party on Saturday night and was asked to bring bread. I am going to try to make that rosemary rye bread from that Cincinnati Post cookbook. I went to the grocery store tonight and just try to find rye flour these days. They had ALL types of flour, flax, potato, teff, you name it. Just don't name rye. Has it gone completely out of fashion to make rye bread? I thought it would be a really unusual thing to bring, I had no idea how unusual it is. I am going to call the food co-op tomorrow and see what shakes there, or possibly whole
foods. Any ideas, girl?


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