Saturday, September 16, 2006

United States of Arugula

Dear me. I feel so cranky any more. First, I'm resigned to my plight for the foreseeable future of trying to make silk purses out of sow's ears in the microwave (well, you know what I mean!) and not even being able to try to drown the dismal results with anything remotely fermented and drinkable (and, NO, soy sauce does not count as a libation!) But, what should turn up in my suddenly too-high-to-reach-fully-into mailbox Thursday afternoon, but the new, much ballyhooed October issue of Vanity Fair. [Shudder.] Yes, the one with that certain happy Hollywood family on the cover and the 22-page spread of little Red Rose's pix inside. (Trust me, children. The cover was quite enough already.)

Anyway, after tearing out all of the ads and fragrance strips, as is my spinsterish habit, I glanced down along the "Table of Contents", only to find listed an excerpt from a new book by David Kamp titled The United States of Arugula: How We Became a Gourmet Nation. Although we may have thrilled to the charming auto-da-fe of Jeremiah Tower earlier this year, (what can we say? yes, we use our library card on occasion, alright? so what if it's a few years late!) it's always fun to have the tale told again from a different perspective -- along with many others. May we indulge ourselves and just call it full of little frissons of sheer delight?

Herewith, for your reading delectation, is the Vanity Fair excerpt from Chapter 5: Cooking Up a Storm.



Chapter Seven: The New Sun-Dried Lifestyle (The Silver Palate, Dean & Deluca, E.A.T., and more)

woof, woof: Bad review! Bad review! The glories of food, The


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