Sunday, October 08, 2006

Report from Houston: The Palate checks in

Oh, our dear friend The Palate just lives the most beautiful life! Although he had been looking upon his business trip to Houston last week with dread -- (I mean, come on! Flying into George Bush International Airport? What is up with that?) -- when he called this afternoon, waking me from a blissful sleep, he could not contain his glee.

Against the ebb and flow of a car alarm wailing in the background, waiting for a plane to return home to Pittsburgh, he excitedly told me of his visit to a local BBQ place called Hickory Hollow for lunch. Aside: To understand our mutual love of BBQ, you must know that before The Palate made an extensive driving tour of the South and Midwest some years ago, I presented him with my dogeared copy of the Sterns' Roadfood as a travel guide. I am proud to report that he followed it -- from Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City to a hole in the wall cinderblock place in South Carolina with its vinegary, mustard-based sauce! Anyway, at Hickory Hollow he had the beef barbecue sandwich with thin red sauce.

more to come...


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