Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tomatillos, olé!

The Palate weighs in. You recall last time, he was in a quandary over how to use all those yummy purple tomatillos from his garden:

I resolved my tomatillo quandary this evening with a variation on a cooked salsa. I must say it is truly amazing, even for a gal like you who disdains the foods south of the border. Of course I didn't follow the recipe but here is what I worked with from cooks.com:


1 lb. tomatillos
1 chopped onion
1 chopped green onion
2 tsp. minced jalapeno
1 c. chicken stock
Salt and pepper to taste

Sauté onion in large skillet until soft. Cook tomatillos in boiling, salted water for 2 to 3 minutes, then puree in blender. Add green onions to skillet just before regular onions are ready. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve at room temperature.

I had way more than a pound of tomatillos, I used a large sweet onion, two jalapenos, an entire bunch of green onions and quite a bit more than a cup of vegetable stock. I cooked it down for about 45 minutes and finished it off with the juice of three lemons and a lime then cooked it for about 10 minutes more. I made a large pot of it and will freeze some of it. It is so rich, it tastes like a vegetable but also almost like meat. It would be really good over pork. But my first use of it is as a sauce for pasta with sausage. Oddly this recipe does not call for cilantro, which almost every other tomatillo recipe does. I think it would add a nice edge. The distressing thing is that the deep purple color that I cultivated so carefully is only skin deep, the color of the sauce is a brownish green. That could be worked with in future versions.


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