Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Top Chef returns tonight!

Elia Aboumrad of Mexico City, trained with Joël Robuchon and at École Lenôtre and specializes in everything from French cuisine to chocolate making

Oh, dear Willa. So sad that you are cable-poor. One of my favorite reality TV shows, Top Chef, returns for a new season on Bravo tonight (11 ET/10 CT)! I remember several weeks ago you wrote that Mrs. Salman Rushdie (aka Padma Lakshi) had been chosen as the new host and I hear that Tom Colicchio (Craft) and Gail Simmons (Food and Wine Magazine) are returning as judges.

And vying for title of Top Chef are: Ilan D Hall (24), New York, NY, Line Cook; Josie Smith-Malave (31), Brooklyn, NY, Sous Chef of Marlow and Sons in New York City; Marcel Vigneron (26), Las Vegas, NV, Master cook at Joel Robuchon at the Mansion; Marisa Churchill (28), San Francisco, CA, Executive Pastry Chef, AME; Mia Gaines-Alt (32), Oakdale, CA, Owner of Feed the People Restaurant; Michael Midgley (28), Stockton, CA, Line cook at Wine and Roses restaurant in Lodi, CA; Otto Borsich (46), Las Vegas, NV, Chef Instructor at the Culinary Institute of Las Vegas; Sam Talbot (28), New York, NY, Executive Chef in New York City; Suyai Steinhauer (29), New York, NY, Chef and Owner of New York Fork Meal Delivery Service; Betty Fraser (44), Los Angeles, CA, Owner of Grub Restaurant in Hollywood and As You Like It Catering; Carlos Fernandez (36), Fort Lauderdale, FL, Co-owner and executive chef of Hi-Life Café in Fort Lauderdale; Cliff Crooks (28), West Caldwell, NJ, Executive Chef at Salute! Restaurant in New York City; Elia Aboumrad (23), Las Vegas, NV, Assistant Room Chef at The Hotel; Emily Sprissler (30), Las Vegas, NV, Master Cook at Nob Hill at the MGM Grand; Frank Terzoli (39), San Diego, CA, Executive Chef of Heat Restaurant;


Blogger Liz said...

Cable-poor indeed! Without cable I am unable (ooh a rhyme!) to contribute to watercooler convo or, well, live.

Alas :(

Tom Colicchio is the resident chef for The Today show so I get to watch his lovely bald head twinkle through daily cooking segments. It almost makes up for being ill.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Willa Frank said...

oh, liz, how we suffer! ;-))

i am currently pining over a dawn french series i taped circa 1980s off bravo when i still did have cable! it was called "Scoff with Dawn French" and was hilarious. there was one episode with billy bragg and i am almost certain that i did NOT dream up another one with her having a chat with quentin crisp at the pink teacup in greenwich villege!

sadly, i have seemingly hundreds of old tapes and not the ambition to go through them!!

6:44 PM  

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