Monday, November 13, 2006

Dinner Chez Palate

Chez Palate


I just checked out the blog, you do keep it up to date. That picture of Jean-Robert looks like he should be in Le Miz.

Well, my dinner auction went off Friday. The final bid was $450. In true internet form, even though it was a benefit for the Alliance, some dude who lives in NYC scoured the web and found it and bought it for his sister who just moved here. So she arrived with husband and two friends an hour and a half late. It was fun, both husbands were doctors, both wives were doctor's wives and from the suburbs. The menu was whole wheat crust pizza with pear and gorgonzola as appetizer, grilled vegetables (red peppers, carrots, beets, potatoes, asparagus, green onions) on a bed of arugula and radicchio, pasta with scallops in a lemon sauce, cherry pie with vanilla ice cream and savory chocolates and port during the artist's presentations. Best of all the new projector I installed in the living room works really well to display computer/internet stuff and DVDs. The only disappointment is the card I bought to bring cable TV through the computer is does not look as good projected as it does on screen, very noisy image - boo hoo.

Another busy week for me. I am gong back to NYC next weekend for the show at MOMA. This week was the conference followed by a panel and brunch today about artist collectives. Fun, but I really need to rake my leaves.


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