Thursday, November 30, 2006

One of Ms. Reichl's Favorite Dining Out Companions...

was, she confesses in the Acknowledgements section of Garlic and Sapphires, one Pat Oleszko. When I read that, I knew instantly that Ruth R. and I could definitely become fast friends. It made sense that she would find Pat to be a completely rewarding dinner companion for, if Ruth made amateurish attempts to create anonymous personas to hide her true identity, Pat thrives in creating the most outlandish and impossible to be ignored ones. For Pat Oleszko is a performance artist and one of America's most long-lived. I first became aware of her when she performed in 1973 as "Patty Cake" at Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio as part of my friend Jack Boulton's Eat Art exhibition (a show which also included comedian/actor Martin Mull as half of a performance art team dubbed "Smart Ducky"). As you can see from her photo, she ain't afraid of putting herself out there, is she?


Blogger Garrett said...

OMG it's like ugly went and died on that poor woman. Nahhh, I kid. As long as she doesn;t go pick up her laundry that way, we're good.
I need to read that book again too...

12:18 AM  

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