Friday, November 10, 2006

Page Six reports ...

Mario's Meat Out The Window

SOME sociopath in L.A. is crazy about Mario Batali's salami - actually, his dad Armandino's cured meats. A thief broke into Mozza, Batali's eagerly awaited pizzeria, on Oct. 28, a week before its opening, and walked away with $700 of hand-crafted meat products from Armandino's Seattle business, Salumi. Then, two days later, a 13-pound imported Italian mortadella sausage also disappeared. But the cops have some evidence. Batali's partner, Nancy Silverton, told the Los Angeles Times that security cameras caught the culprit on Oct. 28: "You see this guy ride up on his bicycle. He looks like some yuppie: He's got a receding hairline and he's wearing khakis." After climbing through a window, the carnivore made off with 40 pounds of lamb prosciutto, guanciale (cured hog jowl) and culatello (the heart of a prosciutto). Undisturbed, however, was a huge wheel of aged provolone cheese. Silverton quipped, "We're looking for a yuppie guy on a bike who's lactose-intolerant."


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