Sunday, December 03, 2006

Funeral Parade of Roses


What a lovely evening last night. The beginning of what I hope will be many movie club nights with my new projector. The movie, Funeral Parade of Roses. I have always wanted to see it. A Japanese take on Oedipus with a drag/queer twist from 1969. It was really great, hysterically funny and also gruesomely violent. You can see the influence of all the French New Wave directors, but also how it influenced Stanley Kubrick. It is sooooo hard to find. I had only read about it but my friend Suzie found a bootleg DVD in France that had an English subtitle option. I doubt it will ever be on the Channel 5 afternoon movie but if you ever get a chance this is for the must see list.

As you know my deal was that the movie club will include the cuisine of the setting in the movie. As you may also know I have never made any Japanese food so here is what I constructed. Appetizers were edamame, horseradish peas and Kraft spray cheese with rice crackers. (There seems to be a bit of kitsch in some of Asian food I've seen in stores so the spray cheese was an homage to that, as well as to our dear departed Robert Altman who had that party menu in 3 Women that included spray cheese and pigs in blankets. Kraft spray sharp cheddar is not bad by the way.) Main course was Yakitori along with my version of Gomaae except I served it warm over brown rice and added a little sautéed garlic, sesame oil and some shiitake mushroom and garnished with sesame seeds. You know we love our desserts and sticky rice really never does it for me. When ever I go to a Japanese restaurant I almost always have to stop and get a chocolate bar on the way home. My solution to this to make a pound cake that substituted about 3/4 cup of green tea for some of the liquid. It did not raise as much as a pound cake as a result, but it had an adequate amount of lift made in a bundt pan and the sponge had an unusual yellowish brown green color. I then made a basic milk glaze and added the juice of about three inches of fresh ginger to it to drizzle on the top. It was a very spicy/sweet glaze. To accompany the glazed cake I made some lychee sorbet in that ever so handy Donvier Ice Cream Maker. The sorbet was sweet, but not too. Do you have any idea how good this was!? I surprise even myself with these chemistry experiments.

After the feature we looked at some animated shorts and every one took turns showing their favorite recent You Tube shorts. In that time the four of us managed to eat the entire cake! It was a full size cake!!! I guess no lunch treats for me this week.

Any suggestions for future movies? I might revisit The Leather Boys, but there is so much I haven't seen, it seems a shame to repeat ourselves. There is a six hour reality show called ArtStar that a friend made in association with Deitch Projects that will probably be up next, but that will either involve a lot of fast forwarding or a larger group that has the media as background.

My new electronic dimmers came in so I can now dim the room so that the art is illuminated but the screen is in darkness. I have also positioned the screen over the fireplace so if I build a fire far enough back in the hearth there is no light spill over from that either. I am so pleased with my little screening room. I wish you weren't so far away and could come by for an orgy of cinema and food.


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