Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pho Paris migrating south of the border

One of our favorite pieces of yellow journalism, The Whistleblower, reports today that "according to Jean-Robert de Cavel's business partner, Martin Wade, the business issued a press release indicating that the upscale Pho Paris restaurant in Oakley would be moving to Covington. The restaurant will be moving into the old Scalea/Continental Lounge space [at 318] Greenup Street and is expected to open in mid-January. Wade said they had some discussions about leasing the Donna's Diner space [at 315 Greenup St.], but decided to hold off on that project until they see how things go with the Pho Paris restaurant. Expect to see something in the newspaper one of these days. Imagine that. Another business is moving from Cincinnati to Northern Kentucky."

A New Year's Eve celebration will mark the last night at the Oakley location. De Cavel decided to move Pho Paris so it could be closer to his three other restaurants. He says the new design will have a more casual atmosphere and somewhat lower prices. "I will be able to spend more time in the restaurant and be with my team," de Cavel said. Pho Paris was No. 10 on the Cincinnati Magazine list of top 25 restaurants in Cincinnati this year.


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